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The Action will run for 4 years. During the first half year of the Action the Management Committee particularizes, completes and finally agrees on the implementation of tasks described in the Memorandum of Understanding. A survey workshop will be organized and the basis for the projected scientific work will be established. Results achieved within the first year of the Action will be released in a first jointly published document available at the first Symposium.
The main research work will be conducted within the Years 2 and 3 and possibly a fraction of Year 4. During this period of time the focus of the Action will be on rigorously testing different local scale hazard modelling approaches and evaluating and quantifying the quality of model results in the context of local-scale emergency response management. Best practice guidance and user training documents will be developed jointly within the Action and test data sets will be prepared for release. In an iterative process, strategies for improving model results and practical guidance concepts for applying models proficiently will be developed and documented. Symposia will be organized preferably on an annual basis and, on average, three MC/WG meetings per year will be held to maintain the momentum of the Action and to closely follow after the Members' activities.
The Panel of External Experts will participate in the Symposia and key MC/WG meetings. Year 4 of the Action will be dedicated to the compilation of a final document summarizing the developed practical guidance for the proficient use of local-scale dispersion modelling in the context of emergency management and response. A final workshop/symposium will provide a suitable platform to disseminate the results to a wider scientific and institutional community. Well known scientists and stakeholders from around the world will be invited to take part in the final workshop.